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Why I practice yoga

Yoga has helped me to cultivate skills to quiet my mind, connect more with my breath and body, get centered, and feel more calm, resilient, energized, and empowered. Initially, yoga was mainly an asana (posture) practice. I enjoyed the challenge of mastering the poses and building core strength. In recent years, yoga has become more of a spiritual and meditation practice. Combining yoga with other sports that I enjoy (swimming, dancing, tennis, biking, running, skiing), I find that it’s the most effective way to achieve optimal functioning and mind-heart-body-spirit integration.

Why I teach yoga

Yoga provides me with a physical and mental discipline and sense of well-being that I want to share with others who want to learn. I want to inspire others to practice yoga, which has proven benefits for people of all ages and abilities. 

My goal is to help students develop their own yoga practice that they can build on and tailor to their own needs as their practice evolves.

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